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This article describes the creation of a clinical trial protocol to address the comparatively smaller numbers of Black patients who participate in clinical trials. The researchers note that people of color do not participate in clinical trials as often as white people and that the best way to encourage them to do so is not yet fully understood. This trial is intended to seek confirmation or further data regarding the efficacy of the recruitment protocol described therein.

The article, published in JMIR Research Protocols, describes the creation of a clinical trial recruitment website known as “Advancing People of Color in Clinical Trials Now!” or “ACT Now!” This website is culturally tailored towards non-white patients to increase literacy, self-efficacy, and willingness to enroll in clinical trials.

The trial itself will look at a control group that only accesses conventional clinical trial materials and an intervention group with access to the ACT Now! materials. The analytical and statistical tools that will be used are described.

This study is being developed with the input of a community steering committee (CSC). The CSC is intended to provide input to the researchers at every stage of the development process, foster trust, and facilitate a more open relationship between the researchers and communities of color. The team concludes that ACT Now! has the potential to fill a significant gap in clinical trial participation among people of color, and the data gathered can be useful for the development of further trials [1].


[1] Chung, A., Seixas, A., Williams, N., Senathirajah, Y., Robbins, R., Newsome Garcia, V., Ravenell, J., & Jean-Louis, G. (2020). Development of “Advancing People of Color in Clinical Trials Now!”: Web-Based Randomized Controlled Trial Protocol. JMIR Research Protocols, 9(7), e17589. https://doi.org/10.2196/17589

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