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The first step in any successful treatment plan is acceptance. As a patient himself, James McLeod knows this all too well. He’s lived with vitiligo since he was a kid and has been through the ups and downs. In this interview, he gives his advice to patients who just got diagnosed with vitiligo.

What advice would you give to other patients who were just diagnosed with vitiligo?

“My advice for people with vitiligo, be true to who you are, know who you are. It’s okay not to be okay, it’s okay to make mistakes, it is okay to start over and it’s okay to be you. What I mean by that is you have to have some type or form of self-love and we all do know you have to start with you. You have to take a moment with yourself and build a relationship with yourself because I do know it’s not an outside job it’s an inside job and the more you focus on your well-being and your true happiness and truly know who you are, that’s when you can really really unapologetically be the best version of who you are and you can actually give yourself that validation in order for outside validation or stamp of approval but you have to be that person who understands acceptance, doing the work, being open-minded to do the work, and you have to learn how to remove these stigmas people might place on you, and if you can remove these stigmas, I promise you will come out of whatever your mindset might have been at the moment, the darkest moment, you will come out of it, stronger, healthier, happier than you’ve ever been.”

Learn more about James McLeod and his daily initiatives here https://thatvitiligoguy.com/

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