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In this interview, Dr. Martinez-Diaz gives advice to dermatologists with patients who have vitiligo. He also explains the importance of keeping the most up-to-date with the news and the latest technology.

MD Newsline: What advice do you have for dermatologists?

Dr. Martinez-Diaz
: I would say that definitely keeping the most up-to-date with the new news and latest technology and also medications that are being improved. Fortunately, in the last year, the treatment of vitiligo has been expanded to increase to include a new set of medications called JAK2 so now we have some topical treatments that are quite innovative and available for patients. There’s also potential for an oral medication to be approved for the treatment of vitiligo, so there’s definitely a lot of exciting things happening that are coming to the pipeline and it’s in the best interest of dermatologists caring for patients with vitiligo to be kept up to date.

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