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In this study, published in Pediatric Blood & Cancer, a team of researchers sought to understand the barriers that make it more difficult for children with cancer to be enrolled in clinical trials. They note that there are many different known barriers to clinical trial enrollment, varying widely from research infrastructure to a more general lack of access to care. Because of the uniqueness of the pediatric population, conclusions from past reviews may not be generalizable. 

The researchers utilized a combination of qualitative structured interviews and tracking of enrollment over a twelve-month period. The interviews took place over a two-month period and were a part of a broader project that sought to increase clinical trial enrollment rates at affiliated clinics. Barriers to enrollment were assessed.

Among the racial and ethnic minorities whose enrollment was tracked for this study, no significant disparities were observed. However, the researchers did note that language and travel difficulties made enrolling in trials an issue for some patients. They single out education on clinical trials and building trust with participants as significant facilitators of enrollment [1].


[1] Russo, C., Stout, L., House, T., & Santana, V. M. (2019). Barriers and facilitators of clinical trial enrollment in a network of community‐based pediatric oncology clinics. Pediatric Blood & Cancer, 67(4). https://doi.org/10.1002/pbc.28023

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