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Health disparities are clearly documented throughout healthcare, with minority patients consistently experiencing racism, higher death rates, lower treatment rates, and less access to quality care. In the Black community, there are roughly 73,030 cancer deaths each year and over 42,000 cancer deaths among Latino patients. Minority patients are also at higher risk of diabetes, heart failure, sickle cell disease, asthma, prostate cancer, lung cancer, triple-negative breast cancer, colon cancer, and more.

Among all ethnic groups in the United States, African American males have the highest overall rate of mortality from cancer. MD Newsline is committed to improving patient outcomes for minority patients by helping to increase the cultural IQ of healthcare professionals treating minority patients and increasing access to valuable knowledge about cultural sensitivity and health disparities research.

We ask you to join us in taking the MD Newsline Health Equity Pledge promoting cultural sensitivity as an avenue to decrease health disparities.

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    I (Insert Full Name)

    am committed to fighting to improve the stark health disparities in healthcare. I acknowledge that minority patients are underrepresented in clinical research, have higher death rates associated with most chronic conditions, and often do not have equal access to the best treatments.

    I understand that systemic racism and multiple socioeconomic factors such as poverty and access to education contribute to worse outcomes for minority patients and believe cultural sensitivity education and increasing diversity in clinical research and medicine can improve these patients’ chances of prevention and survival.

    I pledge to be a part of a mind shift in medicine and join MD Newsline to improve these outcomes by increasing access to knowledge, chances of earlier diagnosis, and increasing minority participation in clinical trials.

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    About MD Newsline

    MD Newsline is a health technology company building digital solutions that increase cultural sensitivity among healthcare providers and access to care for underserved communities. MD Newsline utilizes video content, custom newsletters, and soon the Cultural IQ text-based interface to help improve cultural sensitivity among providers. Via the MD Newsline Health Equity pledge we will build a provider directory to help minority patients find providers who are committed to health equity and addressing implicit bias.

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