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In this article published in The Prostate, a team of researchers sought to address the disparity in prostate cancer screening experienced by African American males. They note that this disparity exists in part due to a lack of education about early detection of prostate cancer, which can result in adverse outcomes for those who require treatment for the disease.

The researchers used a bibliographic search of articles in English published between 1993 and 2020. Of the initial batch of 235 articles surveyed, 42 were eligible for inclusion in this study. They found that the articles analyzed indicate an inadequate knowledge of prostate cancer among African American males, especially when it comes to early detection.

This lack of knowledge is particularly marked in older, less-educated, lower-income, unmarried men who lack access to regular health care. They note that many men are not aware that their risk of prostate cancer goes up as they age. 

The researchers concluded that culturally targeted education efforts are needed that present African American men with the pros and cons of screening for prostate cancer and risk factors for the disease. Because many individuals who do not have regular access to a healthcare provider may have difficulty accessing this information, finding an informational channel that can make this information easily accessible is essential for decreasing this disparity [1].


[1] Coughlin, S. S., Vernon, M., Klaassen, Z., Tingen, M. S., & Cortes, J. E. (2020). Knowledge of prostate cancer among African American men: A systematic review. The Prostate, 81(3), 202–213. https://doi.org/10.1002/pros.24097

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