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In this interview, we speak with Dr. Kaminska about Olumiant about a novel treatment for alopecia. In addition to explaining what it is and why it can be a good option for certain patients, Dr. Kaminska provides a fair assessment of its effectiveness and safety.

MDNewsline: What is the efficacy and safety of Olumiant in Alopecia Areata?

Dr. Kaminska

“Olumiant, also known generically as baricitinib, is the newest medication for alopecia areata in several years. It is really an exciting time in dermatology where we have medications that can treat this condition. It works well. The data shows that it can help a lot of people regrow their hair, but it doesn’t come without side effects. Potential side effects include change in the blood count, an increase in the risk of upper respiratory infections. It can increase cholesterol, in addition to many others. So we really need to make sure that patients are suitable to take this medication and it should be prescribed by a board-certified dermatologist.”

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