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Transcript: My name is Deborah Dorsett. I am board-certified in emergency medicine and I practice in the Detroit area. I have practiced at large faculty academic institutions such as Henry Ford, Detroit as well as Detroit Receiving, as well as in smaller communities and rural communities throughout Michigan. In my populations, it’s generally been more of access to sustainable care, understanding the environment in which they can reach out and get information in which they understand and they are actually utilizing those resources. There are a lot of patients who come into the ER, who are not knowledgeable in how to navigate the health services that are provided. And so generally, they come to me as their primary care, their psychiatry, their social work and so I unfortunately, with limited resources, a lot of times I’m I’m trying to help them navigate, how to improve their health status overall and the health education. A lot of times they just don’t have the money to pay for their care. So they utilize the ER especially because they cannot afford to go to their primary care physician and pay the $150 copay or they have no insurance or they have to work until 6pm and the offices are closed.

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