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Natural cosmetic products improve the objective and subjective aspects of atopic dermatitis and enhance patients’ quality of life.

Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a chronic and inflammatory skin disease that affects up to 20% of children and 5% of adults. Its main symptom is itching, which can lead to sleep disturbances and behavioral problems. Eyelids are often affected and require special attention due to their thin and vulnerable structure. The disease affects the skin’s ability to act as a barrier, leading to a weak protective barrier.

A recent clinical study published in the journal Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology evaluated the effectiveness of a dermo-cosmetic product, Atoderm Intensive eye, in protecting the skin and treating symptoms of AD in subjects without AD and those with relapsing AD. The results showed that the product reduced erythema and decreased transepidermal water loss (TEWL) in subjects without AD. The product improved symptoms and quality of life in subjects with AD symptoms on eyelids, with no adverse effects. Moreover, the product reduced the frequency and the total number of relapses in subjects prone to AD.

Effective for Skin Protection in Subjects Without AD

The study found that the product provided skin protection, as erythema was weaker in areas where the product was applied. In addition, the product led to lower L* and a* values than the cream base, indicating less skin irritation. The product also decreased TEWL in subjects with dry to very dry skin, improving skin barrier function.

Effective for Treating AD Symptoms on Eyelids

The product was effective in improving all symptoms of AD on eyelids, including edema, desquamation, tightness, stinging, burning, and itching sensations. The product also improved quality of life in subjects, with no adverse effects.

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Prevented Relapse in the Majority of Subjects Prone to AD

The study found that 76% of subjects using the product had no relapse, compared to all 33 subjects in the control group experiencing at least one relapse. Additionally, the total number of relapses was significantly lower in the group using the product.

Demonstrated Potential for Treating AD

The study results suggest that Atoderm Intensive eye can potentially treat AD symptoms and prevent relapse in subjects prone to the condition. The product provided skin protection and improved symptoms and quality of life in subjects with AD symptoms on eyelids. The product also prevented relapses in subjects prone to AD, highlighting its potential in managing the condition


Bergera-Virassamynaïk, S., Ardiet, N., & Sayag, M. (2023). Evaluation of the Efficacy of an Ecobiological Dermo-Cosmetic Product to Help Manage and Prevent Relapses of Eyelid Atopic Dermatitis. Clin Cosmet Investig Dermatol, 16, 677-686. https://doi.org/10.2147/ccid.S401576